Welcome on this web site even if the idea would be to show you our “real” workshop !
- For those who actually did not know VD Classic click on ABOUT US page for a brief historic,
- Take a look to the GALLERY dedicated to some of the bikes I have built the last fifteen years from SR500 Yamaha, XT500, Kawasaki W650, triumph Bonneville to Harley Davidson Sportster, without missing Buell, Muz, Suzuki, list is too long !
- WORKSHOP page ‘ll shows you week after week a project evolution,”the making of “a part, an accessory...
- Come regularly to check the NEWS, if you want to know what’s up, promotions...
- Don’t forget our ACCESSORIES section where you will find a (small) selection of our parts (our printed catalogue is 48page worth!).
- And for those who don’t want or have no time to make it them self, check BIKE section, you will find brand new bikes ready to go !
- For VD Classic fan click on FREE STUFF for free bottom screen and screen saver!
Last but not least,don’t forget to take a look to PARTNERS & ENTHOUSIASTS links, 100% VD Classic approved !
we hope you’ll enjoy the tour, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some more information’s....

Best regards,
Didier Chateau
Nicolas Poussel
Xavier Meier